BORIS Johnson vowed to ban 'absolutely abhorrent' gay conversion therapy – only after more research is conducted.

Two years after the Government announced plans to outlaw the practice often linked to higher risks of depression and suicide the Prime Minister addressed the problem yesterday.

He said in an interview to ITV that it has 'no place in a civilised society' and 'no place in this country', however he offered no timeline for hopeful campaigners and victims.

The Ozanne Foundation – an Oxford-based charity that works to outlaw the pseudo-scientific practice of trying to force gay people to be straight through 'therapy' – released a strong-worded statement on Mr Johnson's pledge.

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It read: "We are unclear why more research is needed when so much already exists both here in the UK and internationally.

"However, we look forward to working with the government to eradicate this horrific and deeply damaging practice once and for all.

"This is a matter that impacts the lives of our most vulnerable, particularly children, and we must therefore act without further delay."

The charity is set up by Oxford's own Jayne Ozanne, a gay Christian woman who was herself subjected to the 'therapy' for years.

Ms Ozanne urged the Government to act and said: "A ban will ensure a clear signal is given that this abhorrent practice will not be tolerated in the UK."