OXFORD and cambridge have been rivals for hundreds of years but can you really tell the difference between the two cities? 

While there are some noticable differences, the two cities are often compared to each other.

Both are built on rivers, are home to two of the oldest university buildings in the world and are just a stones throw away from London.

Both cities welcome hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists every day - many of whom take part in a guided tour around the winding streets, past-honey coloured historic buildings and picturesque beauty spots.

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Some of the university colleges even have the same name: Queen's, Trinity, Jesus, Corpus (and a few others).

But true Oxford lovers will know that our city is slightly bigger.

We have a population of about 26,000 people more and our university has 41 colleges, compared to just 31 at Cambridge.

But can you tell the difference between them both? 

We've compiled pictures of both of the cities, all you have to do is tell us which city you think it is. 

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