A MOTHER has said she is 'over the moon' to see the speed limit reduced on a road where her daughter was knocked down by a car.

The speed limit on Cumnor Hill will be reduced from 40mph to 30mph, Oxfordshire County Council has decided.

The speed reduction, approved yesterday, comes after Nichola Dingle launched a campaign to make the road safer.

Last year, her daughter Madi suffered serious injuries after being hit by a car on the road near its junction with Chawley Lane.

Ms Dingle said: "We are glad it has gone through -- we are over the moon.

"Our next step is to campaign to make the speed limit outside Cumnor School 20mph: watch this space."

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A meeting chaired by the county council's cabinet member for the environment, Yvonne Constance, heard that the character of Cumnor Hill has changed from a rural one to a suburban one in recent years.

Local councillor Judy Roberts, officers, and Tom Christophers of the parish council told Ms Constance that there were hundreds of houses on the road, as well as nearby schools and care homes which could all become safer if traffic had to driver more slowly.

Ms Constance tasked council staff members with carrying out a survey of Oxford Road, which connects to Cumnor Hill, in preparation for lowering the speed limit there from 40mph to 30mph as well.

A consultation earlier this month saw 332 of 358 respondents back the plans for Cumnor Hill, while 16 objected.