AN OXFORD film company is flying high creating a dramatic ‘Top Gun’ themed promotion video for an aviation experience at Goodwood aerodrome.

Ultimate High, an aviation experience company, has commissioned Oxford-based film-makers, REDison Films, to make a series of promotional videos starting with its ‘Top Gun’ experience to coincide with the release of the new Top Gun film later this year.

The Oxford-based film company makes a variety of promotional films for bands, businesses, events, and projects.

Now the team will be shooting the new dramatic film at the Goodwood airfield near Chichester where Ultimate High is based.

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Mark Litherland, director of photography at REDison Films said: “There’s a real sense of cautious optimism and people are looking for what we call ‘outlets of happiness’ – our role is to create something that captures the intensity of Ultimate High to meet that desire.”

Ultimate High offers an experience where customers can fly on 'missions' with an ex-military fighter jet pilot.

The experience is not a stimulation and it involves high G combat manoeuvres in a real military trainer aircraft.

Oxford Mail:

The ‘Top Gun’ experience film will star ex-military fighter jet pilots showing off their dramatic flying skills.

Aerial view shots will form a big part of the film and REDison Films specialises in aerial photography making it the perfect company for the project.

Mark Greenfield, Ultimate High CEO said: “We chose REDison Films because they immediately got what we were about, and their excitement perfectly matched our brand.”

REDison Films will be using drones alongside its ground crews to capture the fast-moving air shots of the fighter jets.

However, the film company admitted that it would be facing a new challenge, as this shot will be its first time mixing manned and unmanned aircraft.

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REDison operations director Siubhan Reid – who also happens to be an ex-pilot – explained the complexity involved.

He said: “We can’t underestimate the depth of planning and safety case definition when mixing manned and unmanned aircraft in close proximity.

"But I can’t think of a better and more disciplined client to work with on this than one made up of ex-military fast-jet pilots.”

The film is currently being planned out by the Oxford film creators and it is scheduled for release in August ready for eager flyers to catch the best of the late summer flying opportunities.

Yesterday the Oxford film crew were out on the airfield for a pre-production day as fighter jets spun through the sky.

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