A STATUE of Cecil Rhodes has been decapitated in Cape Town, South Africa.

The controversial bronze bust of the British imperialist, who also has a statue in Oxford's Oriel College, is the latest monument associated with imperialism or slavery to be targeted.

Anti-racism protestors in Oxfordshire have been campaigning for the removal of the city's own monument since 2015.

In June Oriel College's board discussed the future of the statue of Cecil Rhodes on their building that faces High Street.

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The board 'expressed their wish to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes and the King Edward Street Plaque'.

But before any action will be taken, an independent 'Commission of Inquiry' into the statue will be launched.

A statement from the college said: "Both of these decisions were reached after a thoughtful period of debate and reflection and with the full awareness of the impact these decisions are likely to have in Britain and around the world."

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