HOW can methods for solving health problems in Oxfordshire's poorest areas be applied to other areas?

That was the question asked as an annual report into the health of the county was presented to the county council yesterday.

The report, by the county's director of public health Ansaf Azhar focussed on the 10-most deprived ward areas of the county.

This included Barton, Rose Hill and Littlemore in Oxford, Banbury Ruscote and Abingdon Caldecott.

Though Oxfordshire is one of the most affluent parts of the UK, these areas are among the most deprived in the country.

The report also gave examples of a series of projects aimed at improving health in these areas, including a scheme called Barton Healthy New Town.

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These projects are all aimed at preventing people from needing to use the NHS for long term conditions by making sure they are healthy every day.

As councillors discussed the report at yesterday's virtual meeting, Labour county councillor for Jericho and Osney Susanna Pressel asked if the research could be applied to other areas in the future.

Meanwhile, some councillors were unhappy with the lack of detail in the report.

One of them, Neville Harris, said it was informative but was a case of 'style over substance'.

Lawrie Stratford, the county council's cabinet member for Adult Social Care and Public Health said the report had been designed to look attractive for members of the public to read, as well as councillors.

It will be left in GP surgeries, libraries and other public buildings for people using them to read.