BABIES born during lockdown continue to bring a ray of hope to families dealing with the coronavirus crisis as lockdown is eased.

Restrictions have been frustrating for new parents, who have not been able to show off their bundles of joy to family and friends in the usual way.

Parents are now sharing photos of their new arrivals with the Oxford Mail and we want more families to do the same to put a smile on our readers’ faces.

Please send us your baby pictures.

For the majority of families whose babies are featured here, births went very smoothly and mums and dads have paid tribute to nursing staff and midwives for their support.

But for every couple involved, inevitably their time in the delivery suites on maternity wards will be remembered as one of the most dramatic days of their lives.

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While some families have been getting used to a new arrival for the first time, others have been introducing a new addition to their brothers and sisters.

Porsche and Gary Belcher are celebrating the birth of their daughter Penelope, a sister for Denley, Lacey and Daisy.

Oxford Mail:

Penelope Belcher

Ms Belcher said: “Penelope was born in lockdown on April 8 at 4am. “We had a planned home birth and luckily she came in the early hours while our other three children were asleep in bed.

“Penelope didn’t want to wait for the midwife to come and came very quickly so her dad Gary delivered her before the midwife came about 10 minutes after she was born - we also noticed a bit after that she had a true knot in her cord.”

Cherrelle Taylor and Gary Baird, from East Hendred, are celebrating the birth of their son Reuben, together with their daughters Rosie and Errin.

Oxford Mail:

Reuben Baird with Rosie and Errin

Ms Taylor said: “A very quick birth this time around, Reuben wasn’t waiting for nobody! Things kicked off at 6:30am and he was born at 10:38am.

“Everything went really well, I was so anxious about going into hospital with the pandemic but the Spires at the John Radcliffe hospital was so quiet that I was actually the only person there to begin with which meant that Gary could stay with me.

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“I had two wonderful midwives that were with me throughout and made me forget about the worries I was having! He was born March 28.”

Michael and Catherine Branton, from Shippon, near Abingdon, have sent in pictures of their son George with their daughter Isabel.

Oxford Mail:

George Branton with sister Isabel

Ms Branton said: “Baby George was due on May 21, but decided to join us on May 17.

“We spent a couple of days in due to a long labour and then needing to be monitored. But we cannot thank the midwives, doctors and nurses at the JR enough. Our little pandemic baby is just perfect.”

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Natasha Wilson and Tylor Sharkey sent a picture of their baby son Bobby with brother Alfie.

Oxford Mail:

Bobby Sharkey with brother Alfie

Ms Wilson said: “I would like to thank the Lotus team at the Horton hospital and the midwives at the JR.”