A PARISH council within Oxford's borders is planning to make the switch to digital meetings for the rest of the year.

Littlemore Parish Council will meet virtually tonight at 7pm, and is set to debate whether all its monthly meetings should be held in the same way, up until May 2021.

The village's parish council is one of several which operates within the boundaries of what is considered Oxford's city borders.

Other 'parished' areas of the city include Blackbird Leys, Risinghurst and Sandhills, and Old Marston.

In recent months Blackbird Leys and Old Marston have both held virtual meetings to discuss local issues, including vetting planning applications which would have an impact on their areas.

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Meanwhile Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council's website lists its last meeting in March, with the minutes saying the 'extraordinary' meeting was 'held outside the community centre, Kiln Lane, Risinghurst'.

An agenda for a virtual meeting held on July 7 is also available on Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council website, though the minutes of what happened have not bee published there yet.

Parish councils are the smallest and bottom-most level of local government in England.

Following the announcement of the lockdown by Central Government in March, all councils had to stop holding face-to-face meetings because of the risk of spreading coronavirus.

Oxford City Council began holding meetings again in May, as did Oxfordshire County Council and the local districts.