After being deluged with dog pictures we asked you to send in photos of your cuddly cats and you didn’t disappoint.

Owners from across Oxfordshire have sent us a series of pictures of their moggies, all looking incredibly cute.

Oxford Mail:

Inez Evans sent us this picture of her cat

One compensation of lockdown is spending more time with your pets.

Now you can send us your cat pictures too.

About a quarter of the population in the UK own at least one cat and there are about 11 million of their prowling around, according to the charity Cats Protection, the country's largest feline welfare charity.

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In terms of development, the first year of a cat's life is equal to the first 15 years of a human life and they have incredibly good hearing - on average five times keener than that of a human adult.

While your dogs' behaviour is fairly predictable - most of the time - you don't always know what your cat will do next.

Stacey Griffin from Bicester said her moggie Poppet is often surprising her.

Oxford Mail:

Stacey Griffin with her cat Poppet

She added: "She once brought home a pair of toddler slippers - another time it was a paint roller."

Amber Allen, from Didcot, who sent in a photo of her cat Flo, said she would sometimes pinch her food.

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She added: "She steals pancakes and runs off under the bed - when you try to take them back she will growl!"

Oxford Mail:

Amber Allen's cat Flo

Donna Randall, from Bicester, said her cat Sox, who is 15, is an important part of family life and always makes sure he is around for her son's bedtime.

Oxford Mail:

Donna Randall's cat Sox

She added: "He runs upstairs every night when my son goes to bed and waits for the bedtime story to begin."

If you don't have a cat then we would love to see your latest dog pictures.