STAFF at B&Q made ‘desperate’ attempts to track down the owner of a blue BMW yesterday after a dog was locked inside the ‘boiling car’.  

The team at the Witney store made three announcements over the speakers about the dog, which was reportedly barking and panting through the small gap in a window that had been left open.

The staff also walked around the store stopping customers in the aisles in a plea to find the owner and rescue the dog.

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One shopper said: “The dog was barking and panting, and obviously very hot.

“The windows were slightly opened, but our car was boiling when we returned to the car, so that dog must have been panicking.”

Oxford Mail:

From midday until about 6pm, highs in Witney reached up to 22degrees in the sun.

Another shopper on Facebook said: “I was in B&Q too today when they made the announcements and staff desperately asking customers if they had a blue BMW.

“I cannot believe that dog owners are still doing this.

“Someone needs to shut them in a car and see how they like it, it makes no difference or not if the window is open it is like an oven.”

When the owners were finally tracked down, one person fuelled with anger said: “They didn’t rush back to the car and [I don’t know] how they missed all the announcements. They obviously felt like they were in the right, unbelievable.”

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Another added that there was ‘no excuse’ because dogs are allowed on the lead in the Witney branch of B&Q.

Every year the RSPCA warns drivers that dogs can die in hot cars.

The animal charity even urged passers by to dial 999 if they see a pet in distress.

It says: “A car can become as hot as an oven very quickly, even when it doesn’t feel that warm.

“When its 22 degrees, in a car is can reach an unbearable 47degrees within the hour.”