IMPROVEMENTS continue to be made to enhance social distancing in an Oxfordshire town.

Councillors from Oxfordshire County Council and West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) visited Witney recently to assess the measures already in place.

County councillor Liam Walker, cabinet member for highways operation and delivery, said: “There’s been lots of work done in Witney to provide extra space so that shoppers can socially distance and away from the town centre, our teams have been making sure cycle routes are clear and soon they will be repainting some of the lines.

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“The county council is committed to helping residents to do more active travelling and in the coming weeks you will see new cycle racks appear in towns across Oxfordshire, including Witney.

“When we visited the town we agreed to alter the signs so that it was even clearer for traffic which areas were dedicated to shoppers and which roads to take. While the measures are temporary we are also going to look at whether it is possible to make them look less like roadworks by possibly using planters rather than barriers.”

Toby Morris, cabinet member for resources at WODC, added that the council would fine tune areas and react to any concerns.