IT is a sign of the times when the worst that Oxford East's Labour MP has to say about a Tory budget is 'we want you to do even more of what you're doing'.

Since his first speeches during this pandemic, Boris Johnson's secret weapon Rishi Sunak has defied critics of his party by dishing out unimaginable quantities of free cash to all and sundry.

More than that, he comes across as sincere and genuinely caring.

But that is not to say the criticism that Anneliese Dodds levels is not legitimate as well: many business owners who have still not been allowed to reopen, while pubs are now pulling in the punters, are tearing their hair out in desperation.

Theatres were among the latest to get a big boost from Rishi, and Oxford's have been grateful (see page 8), but they all still want to be able to reopen and start once again doing what they do best.

Likewise, gyms across Oxfordshire have already put in place all the safety measures that other businesses have put in place, but now staff have to sit behind their yellow tape and wait.

Rishi Sunak has given huge amounts of support to workers, but now we do indeed need a bit more of the same.