Scientists, technicians and engineers from STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Harwell, have helped deliver 13,437 ventilators as part of the Ventilator Challenge UK, more than doubling the stock available to the NHS.

The STFC team led the training of hundreds of others to test the new ventilators produced by Penlon at its nearby facility in Abingdon.

STFC staff worked with a colleague from the Harwell lab Diamond Light Source, to help develop a training manual for testing and calibrating the ventilators.

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The testing team monitored pressure and air flow through the ventilator while it inflated and deflated a set of steel lungs.

Ventilator Challenge UK made its last shipment of finished ventilators on Sunday.

Geoff Gilley, senior engineer in STFC’s technology department, said: “ I was inspired by working alongside people from all walks of life and levels of experience, all of whom passionately collaborated to achieve as much as possible.

“As a scientist I routinely have to tackle novel technical challenges and it was exceptionally rewarding to apply those skills to this vital project.”