FOR any journalists hoping for headline-grabbing scenes of drunken chaos this weekend, Oxford seems to have proved a big let down.

From everything we could see as we walked around the city, people were behaving in an extremely boring manner: queuing sensibly, staying a safe distance from one another.

Indeed, with a few exceptions, most pubs were forced to keep customers at such a distance from each other that places looked more than half empty.

Of course, this was just opening weekend, and things will change over coming weeks as people let their guard down and get more 'relaxed' at the weekends.

And we still wait to see what effect this latest lifting of the lockdown will have on coronavirus infection rates.

However, as long as pub landlords still have to enforce the safety rules (and many will have their brewery breathing down their neck about it), very few are likely to let the standards slip significantly enough that they could get in trouble, especially so soon after they were able to reopen.

No, at this rate, the big concern may still be whether pubs are going to make enough money to make reopening actually worth it.