EMERGENCY services and hospitals in Oxfordshire have urged revellers to ‘know their limits’ and ‘act responsibly’ as pubs and restaurants reopen.

Deputy Thames Valley police and crime commissioner Matthew Barber said: “Look out for each other, know your limits and get home safe.

"We’ll be there to respond to any disorder or criminality but please act responsibly and follow the public health measures in place."

The message appeared to have been headed in Abingdon, where PCSOs thanked the majority of residents for abiding by the rules unlike scenes seen in other parts of the country.

The decision to ease lockdown on a Saturday had left doctors concerned it would lead to undue pressure being placed on NHS emergency services.

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Dr Simon Walsh, British Medical Association emergency medicine lead said: “A sudden rise in A&E activity coming after months of NHS resources and frontline staff being pushed to their limits, coupled with current measures around PPE and social distancing, could make it very difficult for hospitals to cope."

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Emergency Departments at the John Radcliffe and Horton Hospitals, appealed to pub goers on social media, posting: “Please enjoy yourself but remember to take care – keep your distance and know your limits."

Sachin Mandalia, clinical lead for the Emergency Department at the JR, on Friday said preparations had been made ahead of the weekend adding: "It's really important that everyone stays safe and we try to prevent local outbreaks."