PEDESTRIANS will be given more time to cross the road in Oxford in attempts to enhance social distancing.

Oxfordshire County Council announced yesterday it has changed the timings on a number of crossings in the city in order to cut down on people bunching together as they wait for the signals to change.

With the time waiting extended, it is hoped extra social distancing can take place at crossings.

Liam Walker, cabinet member for highways delivery and operation, said: “It is really important that people continue to observe social distancing when they are out and about.

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“By making the changes to the crossing timings, we are helping people avoid situations where there could be a temporary build-up of people at the kerb.

“The county council is doing a lot of work to encourage active travel across Oxfordshire and people will have noticed cycle routes being cleaned and relined, barriers installed in shopping areas to give more pavement space and soon new cycle racks will start to appear.

“All of this work is vital to helping to keep people safe and to retaining some of the health and environmental benefits we started to see when lockdown was at its most strict.”

In total, the timings have been altered on 25 crossings, including ones at the High Street and Alfred Street; Woodstock Road and Little Clarendon Street; and London Road and Headington School.