OXFORDSHIRE County Council has warned of rogue face coverings that do not provide protection against coronavirus flooding the market.

Face coverings on public transport and in hospitals was made compulsory in Oxfordshire, and across the country, from June 15.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards team revealed it has seen an increase in reports of face coverings being sold, particularly among online traders on Facebook.

However, many of these are made by the seller themselves.

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Trading Standards legislation controls the sale of these products and requires traders to ensure there are no claims made on the product about any level of personal protection from the virus.

It specifies that the fabric used does not shed fibres that may be inhaled.

The material used also needs to be suitable to be worn against the skin and it cannot contain dye with chemicals containing harmful content that could be ingested.

Head of Trading Standards for the council Jody Kerman said: "It is very important that anyone making or selling face coverings commercially ensures that they are safe and legally compliant.

"Legislation has always existed in relation to items that come into contact with the skin."

Anyone involved in making or selling face coverings should in the first instance visit: https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/sites/default/files/file/coronavirus/guidance_for_producers_of_face_coverings.pdf

Follow-up advice can be requested by contacting Trading Standards on 01865 895999 (Option two) or email Trading.Standards@Oxfordshire.gov.uk