Lola the puppy is being hailed as a social media star with 20,000 Instagram followers.

The pampered pooch lives with her owner Leah Mckight and her partner Wayne Garbett near Thame, and has become an Instagram celebrity.

Ms Mcknight, 32, works as a nanny, but taking snaps of Lola has almost become the equivalent of a full-time job.

The dog lover bought Lola at just eight weeks old in Doncaster.

The dog is a ‘maltipoo’, which means she is a Maltese-poodle cross.

Lola celebrated her first birthday on April 28 and she was showered with gifts.

Ms Mcknight said: “It was a lockdown birthday. She had a cake, presents and balloons everywhere. It was really cute.”

Oxford Mail:

However, it is not just Lola’s birthday that has been celebrated recently. The pair have also commemorated Lola’s clocking up of 20K Instagram followers.

Originally setting up the social media page to show off cute pictures of her new dog, Ms Mcknight now has a high maintenance celebrity pet.

She said: “I didn’t want to flood my personal Instagram with puppy pictures, so I set up an Instagram account for her and didn’t think much more of it. She gained 2,000 followers in the first month and then yesterday we had a big 20k celebration. Now she gains a minimum of 100 followers a day.”

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The dog lover has constant messages about her canine companion and more business propositions to model on social media every day.

She said: “It is like having a full-time job. Yesterday we had 20 or 30 new businesses asking for her to model for them. They usually send free gifts. We will put a picture up and that is it. Now we just do bits I know she will actually like, such as dog treats.”

She added: “We can support small businesses on her Instagram, we have a few big companies, but I like the small ones. She does one with homemade bandanas and she gets them a lot of sales.”

Lola is used to dressing up and has loads of outfits, from small skirts to Halloween costumes. And the maltipoo is not just a model – she has also appeared on TV.

Oxford Mail:

Last year, ITV news featured the celebrity pooch in a Christmas elf costume for a festive News at Six.

Ms Mcknight said: “We were asked to go on a couple of Channel Five shows, but I didn’t do them because I didn’t want her to be a star dog, I just wanted her to be a puppy.”

Lola has been entered into dog shows since she was a young puppy and has won every time.

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Ms Mcknight said: “She entered all the fun dog shows from 12 weeks on and won first prize. She has entered blue cross as well, ‘most beautiful bitch’ and ‘best of show’ and she always gets first prize because she looks like a teddy bear.”

Ms Mcknight sees Lola not just as a dog model but as a friend and companion.

She said: “I am just obsessed with her. We are inseparable and are the best of friends. It is kind of like having a little therapy dog really because she is the most loving and affectionate dog.”

Find Lola on Instagram at @lolathemaltipoo_x