A PASTOR joined a councillor in donating PPE to four care homes in Oxfordshire.

Carterton town councillor Lynn Little and Pastor Blesson Kallimel visited Mill House, Newland House and Merryfield House nursing home, all of Witney, in addition to Burford nursing home.

Merryfield received items such as masks and face shields, and Francisca Torres, care home manager at the New Yatt Road home, said: “The donations are very important as at one point we had trouble obtaining PPE, so we were paying a lot of money just to get it in. It was a very nice gesture from them.”

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Two children have also been supporting the Carterton Community Food Bank, run by Mrs Little and Mr Kallimel, by selling unwanted toys and asking for food donations.

Mrs Little said their efforts had raised over £110, with £20 given to the Carterton and Witney division of the armed forces charity, SSAFA, and the rest to the food bank.

Mrs Little said: “The food bank has continued to supply vulnerable residents in Carterton during Covid-19.

“Everybody is helping each other and this was our way of doing our bit.”