A FAMILY-run farm that butted heads with an eco activist in January over a 400-year-old veteran oak tree received planning permission for a major revamp.

The Reade family, who own Oxleaze Farm that sits a mile away from Uffington, wanted to expand their business and provide 'quality facilities' to equestrian fans in the area.

One of the landowners Geoff Reade had made a planning application to change the use of the agricultural buildings on the premises for housing up to 60 horses.

He also wanted to add storage for building and scaffolding materials and equipment, and further construction of a horse riding training area.

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The farmer said: "Since gaining planning permission we have pushed on installing all that we asked for in the application thus making a sustainable business and offering quality facilities to the local equestrian community and maintaining our care of the environment."

Earlier this year an Uffington resident, who wished to remain anonymous, criticised the Reade's planning proposal as he believed it would be detrimental to a veteran oak tree growing at Oxleaze Farm.

Mr Reade, however, disputed the villager's claims and added: "The tree was never in doubt – our business has run from this site for over 50 years with no issues from the tree.

"No horses could chew the trees as they are outside the field boundary."