ANGER over the new government policy that face masks are compulsory on buses continues in Oxfordshire.

New rules which mean everyone who rides the bus must wear a face mask came into force on June 15, but some in Oxfordshire are worried about how the rules are being ignored.

Eynsham resident David Godfrey said he was made to get off a bus in Witney for not having a mask this week, but added he felt it was contradictory that bus drivers did not have to wear face covering.

Mr Godfrey added: "I put my mask on, I had it in my bag. But I have seen others getting on and off buses without masks at all."

Last week, a 77 year old woman told the Oxford Mail she would not feel comfortable riding the bus until everyone was guaranteed to wear a mask.

Lee Read suggested that masks could be given out by bus companies for free to customers who had forgotten theirs.

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Both Stagecoach and the Oxford Bus Company said that government guidance meant responsibility for wearing masks lay with the individual getting on the vehicle, not transport providers.

Chris Coleman, Managing Director of Stagecoach Oxfordshire said: "In line with other regional bus operators, face coverings aren't being handed out on our buses; each customer has a personal responsibility to follow the government rules and should therefore bring their own."

Both companies also said perspex screens kept their drivers safe in place of PPE.

Phil Southall, Oxford Bus Company managing director said: “All our drivers have PPE including gloves and hand sanitiser, but they are not required to wear a face covering as we have fitted protective Perspex screens to all vehicles."

A Department for Transport spokesman said there was 'no requirement for operators to distribute face coverings and it is up to operators whether they want to distribute face coverings on their networks'.

Some, including Transport for London are giving out masks.

The DfT spokesman added: "We are asking people to make their own face coverings at home using scarves or other textile items. A face covering can be very simple, like a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head to give a snug fit.

"It just needs to cover your mouth and nose. Please refer to Government guidance on how to make and wear a face covering."