THESE babies born during lockdown have brought joy to families doing their best to get through the coronavirus crisis.

Lockdown restrictions, which are now being eased gradually, have been incredibly frustrating for new parents, who have not been able to show off their bundles of joy to family and friends.

Now lots of parents are now sharing photos of their new arrivals with the Oxford Mail and we want more families to do the same to put a smile on our readers’ faces.

Click the link to send pictures of your babies.

And as lockdown restrictions are about to be eased even further from July 4, more families will be able to get together to celebrate the births.

For the time being no hugs are allowed so families from different households will still have to keep their distance.

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For the majority of families whose babies are featured here, the births went very smoothly and mums and dads have paid tribute to nursing staff and midwives for their dedicated support.

Tyisha Thomas and Oliver Darby, from Bicester, welcomed the birth of their son Arlo.

Oxford Mail:

Arlo with parents Oliver Darby and Tyisha Thomas

He was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital, weighing 7lb 7oz.

Ms Thomas said: “Arlo was born on Wednesday 20th May at 21:54.

My waters broke at home at 6.20pm on Tuesday 19th May - I went into the JR and stayed the night.

“It was such a weird experience going into the hospital by myself whilst my partner had to wait back at home until I was transferred to the delivery suite at 7am the following day. When I first arrived at the JR they did an examination on me and then I had a test for coronavirus which was very unpleasant.

“On the Wednesday I was on gas and air until around 2.30pm and then went for an epidural, this allowed me to gain back energy by the time Arlo was delivered. During this time all the midwives we had were so lovely and caring to me and my partner they even offered to make him up a bed so he could have a nap.

“We came home with Arlo on Thursday, May 21 and have been getting on with the full support of our families.”

Alicia Peacock from Didcot is celebrating the birth of her son Louie.

Oxford Mail:

Louie Peacock

She said: “After spending nine months of being unwell due to hyperemisis I couldn’t believe now my luck being told my birth plan needed to change because of the pandemic.

“I couldn’t have my planned birthing partner but luckily still had my mum alongside me.

“Being my first child I was terrified but it was so relaxed and I can’t thank Wallingford maternity enough especially Adela who delivered Louie.”

Hayleigh Neal and Bradley Dixon, from Abingdon, are celebrating the birth of Dulcie Dixon, a sister for Daisy.

Oxford Mail:

Dulcie Dixon left with sister Daisy

She was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital on June 15 weighing 9lb 1oz.

Her mother Hayleigh said: “Dulcie came into the world 11 days late just like her big sister Daisy, it’s now our favourite number.

“The midwives at the John Radcliffe are amazing.”