A MAN has been jailed after filling his car up with more than £105 worth of petrol and driving off the forecourt without paying.

Ian Gary Greenwood, of Court Farm Road in Oxford, went to Tesco Express in Eynsham on November 28 and filled up his tank with £30.06 worth of fuel.

He also went into the shop on the A40 and stole a sandwich and Redbull, costing £4.94, before making a dash without paying for anything.

A month later, on December 12, at a garage in Witney, the 32-year-old put £75.02 worth of petrol in his car and made another getaway without paying – knowing full well that he was expected to.

At Oxford Magistrates Court on March 10 he was ordered to pay back £50 in compensation.

He was also sent to prison for eight weeks.

In the court documents it says: “The offence is so serious because it was aggravated by the defendant record of previous offending.”

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