AN INSPIRING mum and yoga teacher is offering free online yoga classes to promote health and wellbeing and to support the NSPCC Childhood Day.

Today NSPCC is celebrating its third Childhood Day. This year the children's charity is asking children, young people, parents and anyone who wants to get involved to be a big kid for the day and raise funds for the NSPCC and Childline.

Emma Horwill from Rowstock, near Didcot has been teaching free yoga sessions via her Facebook page and decided to help the NSPCC by asking for donations ahead of her class today.

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Ms Horwill said: “I am extremely passionate about mental health and wellbeing, especially in children.

"Yoga and mindfulness offer fun and effective ways to help any child to start exploring their inner world, both with their bodies and their minds.

"They can encourage strength, both mentally and physically, and empower children to be more confident and realise their innate sense of self-esteem.

“I have been offering free online classes for children and families throughout the lockdown.

"Yoga is a great, fun way of engaging young people and I really love my job. My daughter is seven and has struggled over the weeks, although she often tells me to do a Lion Breath."

Childhood day donations will help the teams continuing to work hard for children throughout the pandemic.

To find out more about how your child can join in with the yoga class and how you can make a donation to the NSPCC visit -

If you would like to find out more about signing up to the NSPCC Childhood Day visit -