POLICE dispersed about 50 people from a park as part of a crackdown of mass gatherings.

PCSOs Maddie Highmoor and Ali Blood found people not obeying social distance rules at Albert Park, Abingdon, on Tuesday evening.

The pair quickly started breaking up large groups and even made people pick up litter they had dropped before going home.

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Many Abingdon residents took to Facebook to praise the ‘wonderful’ work of the two PCSOs.

Martin and Jan Abbott commented: “It is great to hear that something is being done about anti-social behaviour.

“We have some lovely areas but it is a shame to let them get wrecked every night.”

Another resident, Olivia Vine, also thanked the police officers for their public service.

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She said: “Please continue to do your good work at Albert Park.

“I was walking through last night and I saw so many cars parked around the edge, driving extremely fast around it.

“People are urinating within the park as well as littering.”

Ms Vine was instantly encouraged by PSCO Blood to contact Thames Valley Police and make a report.

Another resident, Davis Busby, also joined the praise and hailed the two offers as ‘real heroes’.

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PSCO Blood and Highmoor also patrolled some other hot spots in the area including the Abbey Meadows, Radley Lakes, Gooseacre, Albert Park and the Ock Valley Walk.

During their evening shift they reunited a little boy with his family after he had gone on ‘a little adventure’, assisted paramedics with an elderly lady who had fallen in the road and located a woman who had gone missing.

They also said they dealt with several disputes between neighbours and liaised with a local supermarket about a number of thefts.