AN INDIAN takeaway owner that gave away free spicy treats to the homeless, NHS staff, police officers and other essential frontline workers is now going to donate money to food banks.

Hasnath Miah, owner of the Indian Dream takeaway in Didcot, has been offering free meals to key workers since the start of the lockdown and he has been given free gifts in return.

The takeaway owner said he has received flowers from customers and free services from a local electrician, but now he wants to give something back to the community again.

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Mr Miah explained that a few weeks ago a phone was stolen from the takeaway and the community helped him raise £500 to buy a new one.

However, Mr Miah has decided not to use this community raised money to buy a new phone and instead to give back to the community and donate the money to local food banks in Didcot and Abingdon.

Mr Miah said: "We really have to help each other. We are in difficult times now."