A CHARITY shop and cafe that helps fight bladder cancer is preparing to shut permanently unless it can find a business partner or benefactor to help financially.

The Wee Bookshop and Cafe in Chinnor is the charity shop for Fight Bladder Cancer.

On June 19, the charity announced it will be closing its shop and cafe as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the challenging economy.

Fight Bladder Cancer is a small charity and it opened The Wee Bookshop and Cafe in 2016 for financial support.

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For more than four years the shop helped the charity raise money by selling donated books, puzzles, CDs and DVDs and freshly prepared food and drinks in their cafe; however, now the shop and cafe are preparing to close forever.

Dr Lydia Makaroff works for the charity Fight Bladder Cancer and said: “This decision is not being taken lightly.

“However, in the light of the current situation it is a necessary action in order to ensure the charity’s long-term sustainability.”

She added: “100 percent of the profits from The Wee Bookshop and Cafe were being steered towards the charity and the life changing work it does for those at the hands of this dreadful (and for the most part un-talked about and under researched) condition.

“It has blossomed into so much more and become a focal point for Chinnor with an open door not only for a good cup of coffee and slice of cake but also as a place of companionship, friendship and support for the customers and community it serves.”

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Sue Southway is a bladder cancer sufferer and when she heard the news she responded to the charity on Facebook and said: “As a bladder cancer patient I have enjoyed my visits to see you, both in the old and current premises. I do hope someone can help.”

However, the charity has said there is a way of helping the shop and cafe survive.

Fight Bladder Cancer is in search of a new business partner who would be prepared to take over the entity, or an extremely generous local benefactor with a philanthropic spirit.

If the charity is unable to find anyone to help them financially The Wee Bookshop and Cafe will be forced to close.

Financial help will need to come forward before July 3 to save Chinnor’s shop and café. Fight Bladder Cancer is asking the public if they know anyone who is in a position to hep to contact bookshop@fightbladdercancer.co.uk before Friday 3 July.

Dr Makaroff said: “This message is sent with our deepest regrets.

“We are so grateful to all our loyal customers and friends for your patronage over the years.”