Dog owners have been seeing a lot more of their pets during lockdown, with more opportunities for walkies since restrictions have eased.

Readers from across Oxfordshire have been sending in their pictures.

Dawn Maskens with her Goldendoodle Floyd

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Luke Rand's Lurcher Cross Mickey

Some animal experts believes owners will have to gradually prepare their dogs for change if they start working more regularly from the office.

Sam Lynch's Jack Russell Dave

They could reintroduce them to old routines so they don't struggle to cope once coronavirus social distancing measures are lifted.

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One theory is that wearing office clothes in the house and picking up your keys and going outside for a few minutes can get the dog used to you leaving again.

Barney from Kidlington with Golden Retriever Cody

But lockdown restrictions have not yet eased completely so dog owners may continue to spend some of the time working from home.