The issue of the Oxford Union hosting Nick Griffin, of the British National Party, and Holocaust denier David Irving has nothing to do with free speach and everything to do with the current president promoting himself in right wing circles.

If the BNP wants to stand in elections and spout its racism, it can.

If Mr Irving wants to write his nonsense, nothing is stopping him. We don't have thought police in this country and you can have any opinion you like.

However, here, a respected institution is being used to promote the BNP and racist theorists.

To actively publicise them as speakers at the Oxford Union is to promote their cause and give them credibility.

What would they say in a debate about free speech anyway, other than if they ever had power, they would crush it?

Let's be honest - the reason they were invited is to raise the profile of Luke Tryl and his gang of right wing cronies.

There are many members of the Oxford Union who must be incensed at this abuse of a respected body and willing to say that the Union should not aid and abet fascists.

DAVID WILLIAMS (Councillor) Oxford Green Party