A DIDCOT IT worker was left shocked after his dream of owning a convertible car came true and he won the top prize in a car competition.

Alan Spencer, 57 from Didcot works in IT for Vodafone and started playing BOTB car competition a few weeks ago while stuck at home during lockdown, hoping he might be lucky enough to win his dream car.

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Mr Spencer won a Mazda MX5 BBR Super 220 worth £38,000, plus £10,000 in cash, he was given the good news by BOTB presenter Christian Williams who surprises winners every week.

Mr Spencer said: “I’ve always wanted a convertible to drive and the MX5 is a classic. I have been looking at buying a second hand one, but now I don’t have to, I’ll be getting this top of the range model, which is amazing.”

As well as the car he also won £10,000 which he and his wife Gina are looking to spend on a hot tub, as well as helping their two children out with a deposit for their own homes.