PLANS to build over 200 new homes near RAF Brize Norton were refused on Monday.

The site, immediately to the north of Brize Norton, had received a host of objections.

The applicant, Partner Construction Ltd, said that 91% of the 214 new homes would’ve been affordable.

Despite this, a meeting of West Oxfordshire District Council’s lowlands area planning sub-committee refused the proposal, to the south of Milestone Road, Carterton.

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The Ministry of Defence (MOD) had raised concerns that the development would be exposed to noise from aircraft activities at Brize Norton, which some residents would find disturbing.

The MOD further said that in the interests of safety, the airspace above and around aerodromes is safeguarded to maintain an obstacle free environment.

With cranes likely to have been used in the construction of the development, the MOD said the use of cranes and other tall plant has the potential to have a significant impact on aviation safety.

Furthermore, the MOD was also concerned with the creation of open water bodies and proposed landscaping, and the introduction of wildlife that could attract.

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It said that trees such as oak and Scots pine trees have the potential to attract and support birds deemed hazardous to aircraft safety.

For that reason, the MOD sought those species of tree to be removed from the landscape plan.

Another objection claimed there would be too much traffic in Milestone Road, with one person saying that having lived in the road for approximately 55 years, they had seen the volume of traffic increase to dangerous levels.

Other objections highlighted the increased strain on schools and medical care, whilst another said ‘the local drainage system is already under significant strain and is not proving to be a sustainable drainage system’.

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The applicant, Partner Construction Ltd, said the scheme was of high quality design and complied with the relevant policies in the Local Plan.

The housing contractor further said that the scheme would’ve provided jobs associated with the construction of new homes.

The application was considered by the sub-committee in March, however the plans were deferred, pending a full report and recommendation.