AN Abingdon couple have been sharing lockdown with a long-awaited visitor - their Furcraea Parmentieri plant, but now it has flowered it will soon die.

Rosalie James, 79, and husband Rodney James, 80, live together in Abingdon and have been taking great care of their Furcraea Parmentieri plant. Now it has flowered they feel it has been worth the wait.

The plant only flowers after 10 years and over lockdown the couple have been watching the plant grow.

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Mrs James said: “My husband was given these little fur cones, a very long time ago by a lady who lived down the road and he planted three.

“We have been very carefully putting them in the green house every winter, but this year we didn’t and then suddenly I looked out one day and it had just got taller and taller.”

Initially the couple were surprised when the plant grew to be almost six-feet tall, but now it has flowered it has doubled in height.

The plant grew so tall that it was blown over in the wind and had to be rescued and secured closer to the house with rope.

The Furcraea Parmentieri is now covered in white bell-shaped flowers.

However the plant's beauty will not last as after the plant flowers it soon dies, but Mr and Mrs James have enjoyed watching the unusual plant grow.