I WORKED in the NHS for several years and many doctors had benefitted from the Rhodes legacy.

I expect many of us have been treated by these people in our lifetimes.

Throughout history sometimes good comes from evil. We all can learn from our mistakes.

I believe the Rhodes Foundation helps students from 20-30 countries to come to Oxford to study.

One fifth of these students come from Africa.

During the last Rhodes Must Fall protest at least one student had accepted a Rhodes scholarship but wanted the Rhodes statue to fall.

I find these situations quite ironic!

PS: I lived in Headington a few years ago. I was told that in the 1600s there were a few Black Boy Inns. The name was to inform secretly that they were loyal to Charles II. Oxford and surrounding areas were Royalist. They needed to be safe as the HQ of Cromwell was Old Marston.


Dodgson Road


Are we thinking imaginatively about the schools crisis?

If this is a space and staff problem, let us look around. First that comes to mind are empty churches and village and church halls – to say nothing of National Trust properties.

As demonstrated by the NHS, there are many retired or 'recently left' teachers who could be recruited as volunteers. Their methods may not be state-of-the-art, but the three Rs don't change all that much.

Surely this is a slightly better solution than Portakabin-style classrooms which have a habit of becoming fixtures.

They take up playground or green space which should be used to the maximum to help combat obesity – as real a threat as the virus itself.


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I READ Jonathon Saunders criticisms of me and reject them out of hand, the problem with this country is were breeding a generation of snowflakes who find it easier to put down this great country instead of promoting it, it’s just as well their sort didn’t prevail in 1939, or they would have raised the white flag when the first shot was fired.

We voted to leave the EU in 2016, and ever since the result, the same snowflakes and left wing showbiz luvvies, and vastly overpaid sports presenters have done everything in their power to reverse a democratic vote, including that little weasel Bercow hijacking the Parliamentary democratic principal for his own ends, and efforts through the courts to reverse the vote, get over the fact you lost and get over yourself and move on, at the end of the day your little more than flies on the backside of the horse democracy, try and grow a backbone.

Get you head around the fact we're leaving, the corrupt system is imploding, get over yourself Mr Saunders, your vote counted for no more than mine did, the EU is now finally getting the message we're leaving, at 11pm December the 31st to be precise, and I’ve found now drop in the valued of my money when I’m abroad, I pay in dollar in the US what I pay in pounds over here. Rule Britannia.


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