Travellers have set up camp at more spots in Didcot amid accusations a children's stone snake has been deliberately destroyed. 

Approximately 10 caravans and a few other vehicles were seen at Mersey Way, Ladygrove this morning behind the shops.

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There are also reports on social media that travellers are in the car park of the Harvester pub by the Milton roundabout.

Travellers were first reported to have set up at Great Western Park in the town on Friday night, almost a year after they were evicted from the same spot.

Oxford Mail: Traveller camp at Great Western Park on SaturdayTraveller camp at Great Western Park on Saturday

One woman, who wished  to remain anonymous, told the Oxford Mail as of Saturday morning, at least five vehicles were parked near trees.

Angry residents took to Facebook page Spotted: Didcot last night over vandalism of a stone snake created near Ladygrove park.

One person wrote under a post about travellers seen in the area: "I have just been up on the mount and witnessed a young boy literally smashing all the rocks that all the children around here have worked so hard to paint."

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Another added they had seen the rocks had been destroyed, writing: "Shocking! So disrespectful! I am so sad for the kids that have put so much effort into painting these rocks.

"It was a whole community project, meant to bring a bit of joy during this Covid madness, but all that spirit is now ruined!"

Thames Valley Police has confirmed it has received a report about a rock display being damaged.