ALL hospital staff will now have to wear a surgical face mask in a move that has been praised by the daughter of a John Radcliffe admin worker who died from coronavirus as a ‘positive first step’.

Peter Gough, whose case was raised by The Oxford Mail with the Prime Minister last month, had shared concerns with family and friends before his death that he didn’t have access protective gear.

Oxford Mail:

This was in line with national guidance at the time but Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Friday from June 15 changes to PPE would be made.

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It is understood this has already been introduced at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the John Radcliffe, but the trust did not confirm this.

Mr Gough’s daughter Emma said: “It’s a positive first step but I think hand sanitiser and more regular cleaning throughout hospitals is needed too.”

Oxford Mail:

Mr Hancock, announcing the changes, said: “One of the things that we’ve learnt is that those in hospital, those who are working in hospital, are more likely to catch coronavirus, whether they work in a clinical setting or not.

Mr Gough’s friend Paul Saville, who shared text messages the pair exchanged about his safety concerns, said: “I really do believe Peter’s case would have had an impact - especially when the HSE guidance and issues with the general public visiting hospitals (not being properly protected) were highlighted.”

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He added he also believed protection should go further for admin and would like measures to include gloves.

Jacquie Pearce-Gervis, speaking on behalf of Oxfordshire Patient Voice, said the move was welcomed by members.

She added: “We have heard from a number of people who were astonished that hospital staff were not wearing face masks at work. We were told about someone who accompanied her mother for a scan and was very concerned to see hospital staff wandering round maskless and even bumping into her chair. We are doing everything we can to protect the staff, why can’t they do the same for us?”

OUH was contacted but was unable to comment. A previous statement on Mr Gough's case said: “PPE has been available to the staff whose contact with patients mean that they require it."