A VILLAGE green with a memorial bench to a local mum could be sold off for development tomorrow in an online auction.

Grove Parish Council revealed it has applied for ‘adverse possession’ on the piece of land next to Edington Place after concerned residents raised alarms over the potential sale of the site, which is home to a bench commemorating Grove mum Dominique Hill, who died in December 2018.

Until last month parishioners had thought the council owned the land, however, records proved the land is owned by Davis Estates Southern, who built the whole side of Grove.

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Prompted by outraged villagers, council clerk Graham Mundy is now attempting to save the site.

He said the application for adverse possession has been sent to HM Land Registry and that the council's solicitors will also be writing to Davis Estates Southern and to the auction house informing them of the application.

Mr Mundy said: "Now it is a case of wait and see what the next move is.

"If someone else did purchase it and came forward with a planning application, the parish council would be well within its rights if it objected."