A THUG who violently attacked his ex-partner during an early-hours brawl has been jailed.

A court heard that Mark Butler went 'far too far' during the brutal violence against the woman which left her with bruising and lacerations as well as a cut lip.

Butler appeared at Oxford Crown Court earlier this week charged with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against a woman.

The 35-year-old of Old Station Yard, Abingdon, had denied any wrong-doing and a trial date had been pencilled in for September.

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In a last minute change of heart Butler pleaded guilty at that hearing and he was sentenced for the single count today.

Prosecutors said Butler carried out the assault on his former partner on August 11 last year in the Littlemore area of Oxford.

Butler had previously been in a relationship with his victim and there had been an ‘unhappy history’ between them.

On the night of August 10 last year Butler's victim had been out in various clubs and had messaged her ex-partner.

In the early hours of the following morning she asked Butler to meet up with her at her home, it was said.

When Butler arrived there were others present and a fight erupted.

During that violence Butler inflicted what was described as 'some very unpleasant injuries' upon the woman.

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It was not revealed what impact the attack had had on the victim as prosecutors were not invited to read out her victim personal statement at court.

She did, however, claim the attack had left her with a chipped tooth and a missing tooth, and at an earlier hearing it was revealed she had suffered bruising, lacerations and a cut lip.

Despite originally denying the offence Butler pleaded guilty to the single count of assault earlier this week.

In mitigation Peter Du Feu, defending, said reference letters for his client spoke of a man with 'much kinder, gentler, more worthy aspects.'

He said that Butler doesn't want 'anything to do' with the woman now.

He added: "For him the relationships is over, he won't be drawn back in, he is determined to stay away from her."

Speaking of the episode of violence he said there had been telephone calls between Butler and his victim, and that she had requested his attendance that night.

He said that during the ensuing melee his client 'went far too far.'

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC called the incident 'very, very poor behaviour.'

He told Butler: "From time to time you lose your temper, it is something you have got to control."

For the single count Butler was jailed for a total of 21 months and must pay a statutory victim surcharge.

He must also obey a restraining order against his victim.