POLICE, paramedics and an air ambulance crew swarmed to a property in a quiet residential street in Oxford.

More than five police cars, three ambulances and the medical helicopter raced to a home on Thomson Terrace, Littlemore, at about 3.30pm on Friday where a man who appeared to be in his 50s was allegedly arrested, and a woman reportedly taken to the hospital.

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One neighbour who asked to remain anonymous said she saw paramedics in white overalls rush to the scene where she said they 'performed CPR on an unconscious woman for more than an hour'.

She said the woman was then put on a stretcher and added 'it looked like the air ambulance crew performed a surgery on her while on the street'.

When the man was arrested, the woman said he was 'laughing hysterically'.

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The Thomson Terrace neighbour heard paramedics advise bystanders to not let their children see the scene, adding 'they would never forget this image'.

The area was cordoned off and access was restricted.

Cyclist Liam Cavanagh, who was riding past the large Sainsbury's near Thomson Terrace, said he saw a police car behind the car park and a paramedic in white overalls.

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He said he instantly knew something was going wrong.

Thames Valley Police has been contacted about the incident.