Admin on Didcot's community Facebook page have had enough of the same old posts and are now banning a whole list of subjects.

Posts including buying and selling, lost cats and social distancing rants will all not be posted on the community page Spotted Didcot from now on.

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The following list of post subject matters will not be tolerated by the admin:

  • “I have seen a cat outside, is anybody missing one?”
  • “I want to buy/rehome an animal”
  • “I want to sell something”
  • “I want to buy something”
  • “To the person not adhering to social distancing rant”
  • “Which shops are open?”

The admin on Spotted Didcot said: “We've had so many of these types of requests recently. There might be some exceptions to the rules at our discretion, but generally the stuff above won't be posted.”

One commenter, Simon Skelly wrote: “Just for clarity...
What about if I want to tell everybody about the cat I saw and I don’t ask if anyone is missing one?
Is asking what shops are closed allowed?
I see buying or selling isn’t allowed. How about renting?”

However, Tracy Lee commented: "Be a good idea to also not publish all the stupid comments that some people make and keep it sensible and informative."