THE reopening of a McDonald's in Oxfordshire today has caused long queues, forcing a special diversion to be put in place just to manage demand.

The Abingdon branch reopened for takeaways this morning, after Witney reopened yesterday.

People in Abingdon feared they would see the same long queues as were seen in Witney yesterday, and their fears were quickly realised.

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One resident, who sent these pictures to the Oxford Mail, explained that a diversion has been put in place which sends cars on a lengthy trip through Abingdon's Fairacres Retail Park, then along Blacklands Way and finally down Colwell Drive, just in order to get into McDonald's from that approach, i.e. coming from the north and driving south.

She said that no cars approaching from the other direction could get in.

Oxford Mail:

She also said a member of McDonald's staff in uniform was directing traffic.

As a result of the diversion, she said there was a long queue of cars on Colwell Drive southbound to get into the McDonald's car park.

On Twitter, Adam Harrison said the situation had caused 'gridlock'.