Three siblings raised more than £2,000 for Tearfund’s Emergency Coronavirus Fund by holding their own Multi-Media-Marathon at their home in Old Marston Village.

On Friday May 22 and Saturday 23, siblings Josiah Horner, 13, Asher Horner, 11, and Kesia Horner, nine completed their Multi-Media-Marathon.

Over the two days, between them the siblings ran the distance of two marathons; painted a 26-foot painting; and played 13 hours of live music including 26 different musical genres.

The family donated the £2,000 to the Tearfund’s Emergency Coronavirus Fund, a Christian appeal to help those living in poverty through the coronavirus crisis.

The appeal helps raise money to provide families living in poverty from across the world with essential food and toiletries.

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The two-day Multi-Media-Marathon kick started with the Horner family playing their instruments on the pavement outside their house on Oxford Road and leading a socially distanced sing-along with the neighbours.

Later the Horner siblings got creative and collectively painted the 26-foot masterpiece by painting lots of smaller pictures which will be donated to their local care home.

Parents Jill and Rob Horner also helped the siblings complete some of the challenges including running two marathons and performing 13 hours of live music.

Mrs Horner said: “We thought two marathons was a bit much for the three of them, so we shared it out between us. They really pushed themselves and took on the challenge.”

She added: “We did a lot of music together in all sorts of different combinations, we were swapping and changing between drums, flutes, guitars, pianos and violins.

“The three of them picked up their instruments together and looked up music on the internet of all different styles and genres and enjoyed exploring new things.”