YOU might remember in April last year, when we did quite a feature on the fact that Waterstock Mill meadows had been officially made Oxfordshire's newest Local Wildlife Site.

We got quite excited about this little stretch of the River Thame which is home to more rare or endangered animals and plants than almost any other site in our green and lush county.

Those who fought to get it that designation are now probably feeling like it could all have been in vain.

This is apart from how golf club members and the people at nearby Waterperry Gardens must be feeling.

Yes, a golf club is already developed land to an extent, but it's no 'logistics hub': a golf course is full of trees and bushes that are a boost to wildlife in the area.

The developers proposing this massive lorry park will have a job to persuade many people, including us, that their plan will not have any damaging effect on the green haven right next door.

Parish councillors have already opposed it – let's hope that the district councillors who have the final say are equally prepared to fight to protect this emerald jewel in our county's crown.