A PRISONER who tried to hide a mobile phone between his buttocks has been handed more time in jail.

Despite Ruban Neptune's efforts officers at HMP Bullingdon discovered the banned item at the reception area, which was duly handed over.

The 41-year-old prison inmate had been remanded to custody from Oxford Magistrates' Court on January 16 this year.

When he arrived at the Oxfordshire prison, drunk, officers had already been warned he may have had a mobile phone as a woman reported being contacted by him while he was at court.

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While he was checked in at Bullingdon facility the metal detection equipment indicated the presence of a mobile phone.

Asked about the device he retrieved a phone from his backside and handed it to an officer.

That phone was revealed to be a Sonica mobile phone and Neptune went on to admit one count of bringing a mobile phone into a prison.

At his sentencing held at Oxford Crown Court yesterday his defence barrister Kellie Enever said the phone was not found inside the prison as the device never made it beyond the reception area.

Sentencing, Judge Nigel Daly said: "Mobile phones in prison is a growing problem, it has got worse in recent years."

Neptune was handed a five-month jail term and must pay a statutory victim surcharge.