A JOINT letter written by Oxfordshire Labour leaders is calling on the government to listen to concerns about opening schools too soon.

Leader of Oxford City Council Susan Brown and Oxfordshire County Council opposition leader Liz Brighouse have written to Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education calling on the government to listen to concerns Oxford schools are reopening too soon after Coronavirus.

They also want him to endorse the National Education Union's 'Five Tests'.

Some teaching unions, headteachers and councillors are pushing back against plans to reopen primary schools on Monday.

When primary schools open their gates on June 1, only years 1, 6 and reception will attend.

The letter points to research including a report which says it is not safe for schools to re-open on June 1, written by independent SAGE, a group of scientists not affiliated with the UK government who have been providing advice to the public during the pandemic..

Ms Brown, in her joint letter with Ms Brighouse, said: "The critical issue is that parents need to feel that schools are safe places for their children to be before they are going to be prepared to allow their children to attend. That relies on clear decisions, rather than arbitrary announcements of deadlines for returning of specific school years."

The letter was circulated ahead of two national days of action where Oxfordshire residents took part in events to show their concern about the return to school.