A DETECTIVE who left a designer shop without paying has been fired on the spot.

Sergeant Susan Brown was shopping at Bicester Village when she left the store without going to the till.

Police were called to the shop but because she paid before heading home from the outlet centre her colleagues decided not to take any further action.

It happened more than three years ago, in October 2016, but when DS Brown applied for another job in Thames Valley Police she left the details off the vetting form.

Police use the vetting process to check that applicants have qualifications, experience and references they say they do – but also that they do not have a criminal record.

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In the process they look at previous arrests, investigations, cautions, convictions, penalty notices, intelligence reports, driving offences and any other dealings with the police.

Anybody who applies for a job is told to assume that everything is recorded by the police and anything left off the form will result in their honesty and values being questioned and ultimately the job being given to somebody else.

On April 23 last year DS Brown, who was based at Newbury, applied for another job in the force and during the vetting process left out the details of the police incident at Bicester Village.

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This week DS Brown has faced the heads of the force at a misconduct hearing, chaired by John Bassett.

The force claimed that she breached the standards of professional behaviour in relation to the clauses: discreditable conduct, honesty and integrity, orders and instructions, and duties and responsibilities.

Discreditable conduct was the only claim own out.

The other three were so serious that DS Brown was found guilty of gross misconduct.

She was dismissed without any notice on Tuesday, after a four-day video conference.

Now she cannot work for Thames Valley Police again.