AN Oxford pharmacy is set to close, residents have been told.

Frosts Pharmacy Group announced it is planning to close its Northway branch in August this year.

The company said the branch will be 'merged' with its Marston premises which is 500m away.

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Managers said 'steps were being taken to accommodate as many existing patients and staff as possible'.

Stuart Gale, owner and chief pharmacist of the group, which also includes, said: “We are absolutely devastated to have to announce the closure of our Northway Pharmacy.

Oxford Mail:

"For years now, we have warned of the unrealistic pressures being placed on community pharmacy, from relentless government cuts to the impact of Brexit on the price and availability of certain medication.

“We adapted to survive, bringing the local doctor’s surgery into our Marston branch.

"In our other branches we opened travel clinics - which were proving incredibly successful.

"Then Covid-19 struck and the travel clinics were mothballed.

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"We have seen demand for pharmacy services increase dramatically over the past few weeks but sadly NHS prescriptions do not provide enough income to keep a pharmacy going without those other services.

"Pressure on the business has been compounded by staff having to work longer hours, with twice as many deliveries, which had further financial implications.

"With two branches in such close proximity, no matter how we did the sums, keeping both shops open was simply no longer viable."

Mr Gale said the company had only take the decision after a 'consultation process'.

For anyone unable to get to Marston, the company also has a delivery service.