Oxfordshire schools' new buildings due to open in September this year may not open because of the coronavirus.

The schools due to open in September are being supported by a £18.2 million pot of money from Oxfordshire County Council.

The schools are: a primary school at Cherry Fields, Banbury; and a primary school at Wantage's new Crab Hill estate.

A report to the cabinet said 'temporary arrangements will be in place to support the basic need requirements' of pupils due to start at the new schools.

Other schools including a new primary school at Barton Park, Oxford, was also due to have its opening day pushed back but cabinet member for education Lorraine Lindsay-Gale confirmed the school would open in September.

A council report also mentioned that the Free Swan school, Marston Ferry Road, and a secondary school at Whitelands, south west Bicester, would not be built in time, but these schools are due to open in autumn as well.

Oxford Mail:

Lorraine Lindsay-Gale

The news came as the county council's cabinet met to discuss its capital overturn.

Oxfordshire County Council had a £163.6 million capital budget for the 2019/20 financial year, but only ended up spending £105.7 million.

The unspent £57.9 million will be rolled over into the 2020/21 year’s capital spending programme.

There was concern from Labour councillor Glynis Phillips about the projects which were being pushed back as a result of not spending the money in the last financial year.

Ms Phillips said: "It is very unusual to see an underspent budget.

"The report covers the pre-coronavirus period. Any implications of the virus to capital spending is not covered in this report."

Some of the areas where projects have been pushed back include replacing street lamps with LED lights, and building new affordable homes as part of the Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal.

The county council reports on its capital programme three times a year and reviews the schedule for carrying out projects.

At earlier meetings the council had expected to spend more money on some of its capital works at a faster rate.

The cabinet also discussed how funding from the growth deal which has not yet been used would likely be spent at a higher rate as the date it needs to be used up by approaches in 2023.

Oxfordshire's growth board, which manages money from the deal, will meet next week to discuss the impact of the coronavirus on projects it funds.

29/05/20: This article has been corrected as two of the school buildings said to be closed in a council report will in fact open in September