A PROJECT to create a new cycling route between Wantage and Harwell is due to begin today.

The work will include creating one new bridge over a stream and two new sections of bridleway.

Oxfordshire County Council is hoping to make it easier for residents of Wantage and Grove to cycle to work at the Harwell science campus.

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It is all part of the authority's Science Vale Cycling Network scheme, which is also aiming to improve cycling routes from Abingdon to Milton Park and Culham science centre, and from Didcot to both of those sites and Harwell.

In an email to subscribers last week, project manager Joanna Mellon reminded people that work on the Wantage-Harwell route was due to begin today.

This section of the project will see a new bridge crossing created at Ginge Brook just south of West Hendred, as well as the bridleway improvements and new signs along the way.

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Ms Mellon also invited people to sign up for a new email newsletter.

She said: "As we are about to start construction of our flagship route between Wantage and Harwell Campus (Route 1) on May 26, we are launching a newsletter for those who are interested in receiving updates about the progress of this project."

Sign up for the new newsletter online at https://tinyurl.com/y7edafw5