Johnson's confused messages will cost lives

I wanted to thank your journalist for such a rapier like question to the UK Prime Minister. It is a pity that no part of her question was answered to a level or accuracy that the people should expect from political leaders. Confused messages will cost a lot not only in lives, in illness but hopefully in office.

Please congratulate her and I think I can safely say that she will have an interesting career.

Jim Findlay

No clear explanations from Prime Minister

I just wanted to say how brilliantly I thought your reported Erin Lyons posed her question to the PM regarding Dominic Cummings.

Erin was right it is the way the government are now saying the advice issued allowed such movement, when like the majority I felt we had to “stay at home” and not travel.

The government seem unable to give a clear explain policies unless pushed to do so, as illustrated by the PM lockdown easing speech....when he was then able to produce a 50 page document explain plan in detail only a few days later...?

The document was obviously already prepared, why not share information during his speech??

I was also surprised and sadden that the PM didn’t offer his condolences to the families Erin mention in her question.

Cathy Hughes-Marshall

Astonishing and dangerous hypocrisy

Many many hats off to Erin Lyons for her unflinching participation in the Johnson press briefing. The astonishing and dangerous hypocrisy of Cummings and Johnson is, as Erin Lyons questions prompted, devious and deceitful in equal measure.

It might be that Johnson and Cummings exist in a world of their own, refer only to one another, and remain horribly insensitive to all the rest of us who live, as most people do, at a local level. Clearly for Cummings local means something very different.

So bravo to Erin Lyons and to the Oxford Mail for supporting her!

Will Johnson order Matt Hancock to ensure provision of PPE for the John Radcliffe and for all of Oxford and Oxfordshire’s hospitals. How heavy is the Prime Minister’s waffle-bag??

Bruce Ross-Smith Headington