The danger of being in a newsroom (virtual right now, of course, on Government advice that we work from home if we can), is that you’re constantly on social media. And when you’re on social media, you’re in an echo chamber.

Algorithms will show you content based on what it thinks your views are, based on accounts you follow. For more balance, you should try to follow as many varied accounts as you can. But we digress...

Anyway; If you’re in an echo chamber, you are in danger of believing that the country thinks one way, because it’s what you’re seeing, when actually - the ‘real man on the street’ might not even care about the issue Twitter has made you believe is the biggest one ever.

But we think – having spoken to readers this weekend – the anger around Dominic Cummings’ lockdown trip to Durham is far bigger than the echo chamber.

People are very angry – and rightly so.

The Government advice was ‘stay home, save lives, protect the NHS.’

Drivers were stopped on the roads by police. Thousands of people were fined for breaking the lockdown rules. Many elderly and vulnerable people have been left without any human contact for months.

We all stuck to the rules because we wanted to keep the rate of infection down. 

It’s being widely reported that Cummings himself, the chief advisor to the Prime Minister, came up with this 'stay home' slogan.

Yet days after the rest of us were told to stay home – especially if we displayed symptoms of coronavirus – Cummings and his family were travelling 260 miles to Durham.

And can a logical-minded person really believe that they didn't have to stop once, with a young child in the car, for petrol or conveniences? 

Are we really expected to believe their was no alternative, when many other families have been in the same scenario and chosen differently?

And none of this explains away the fact that the couple were behind the wheel, suffering from coronavirus, when a car is a lethal machine and shouldn't be driven if you are unwell?

The area now has one of the worst virus tolls in the country. No one can prove that Cummings and his wife, who both had the virus, were not partly responsible for spreading it.

Oh, and the Mirror and Guardian then later revealed Cummings had travelled again to Durham during lockdown.

Many of us have gone months without seeing our families. Many of us have lost loved ones. Many of us have been robbed of the chance to say goodbye. Our NHS workers are being asked to sacrifice themselves, working on the front line for weeks without adequate protection.

What Cummings has done is hypocrisy at its finest. 

The fact he is being protected by No.10 and MPs (including Robert Courts) shows contempt for all of us who’ve lost so much.

One rule for them, one rule for us.